The Ménage Process

Bringing out the best in your home through a design make-over or renovation is a process with defined phases, each which involves consideration of your preferences and selections. Here’s an overview of the six phases:

measuring the job measuring the job

Measuring the job…

We meet with you in your home to assess and discuss the improvements that you would like to make. During this consultation process, Menage’s experience, vision and recommendations are partnered with the client’s desires are documented to begin the design transition. We can also provide guidance on how to phase a large project or scale a smaller job to meet your budget.

let's get started measuring the job

Let’s get started…

We undertake extensive documentation of the space(s) to be transformed and begin to generate ideas about how light, colour, space, texture, balance, style and visual emphasis can be choreographed to meet the functional requirements of the space and its "flow" as part of your total home environment. We present and discuss with you design drawings, swatches, samples, recommended furniture and lighting, and budgetary estimates.

back to the drawing board measuring the job

Back to the drawing board…

Working with your feedback to the concept design presentation, we are then able to assemble the total vision and create a final design package that encompasses all the specific design components, technical specifications, pricing and construction/installation schedule.

making it happen measuring the job

Making it happen…

Get ready for change! The production phase takes your project from a paper dream to three-dimensional space, and may include, depending on the nature of the project, obtaining permits and arranging inspections, demolition, plumbing and wiring work, sourcing materials, installing cabinetry and custom fine carpentry, painting, and fitting up furniture, lighting, drapery, artwork, etc.

picture perfect measuring the job

Picture perfect…

Time to celebrate! The job is done when all work is to your satisfaction and specifications. We take high quality photographic documentation to show you the dramatic before and after transformation.