Ménage Testimonials

Complete transformation

"We immediately loved the collaborative approach that developed instantly. Both my husband and I wanted to be involved in the project – we had a general vision of the end result we wished for and were willing to do a lot of legwork to make it happen. And we were not disappointed. The integrity of the house was maintained while the overall look was one of complete transformation – more than we could have ever imagined."

Tailored solutions

"I have been a Ménage client for close to 5 years and have nothing but wonderful things to say about their work. Their eye for aesthetic detail, awareness of products on the market and thorough project management has saved me hours of stress and time and turned my home into a space that regularly receives compliments from friends and guests alike. They are also sensitive to the fact that the budget is not endless and they are able to tailor solutions accordingly."

Would not hesitate"

"Ménage has overseen the renovation to the lower level of my home, the upgrade of all bathrooms in the house, the recovering of furniture, the selection and installation of lighting and window coverings, and the selection of paint colours throughout the house. They have an ability to work with my own ideas and to simply take the end result to a completely different level. I would not hesitate to use them in future and to recommend them strongly to others."

Vibrant and welcoming

"Over the years, we have relied on Ménage for our kitchen, living room, bathroom and basement renovations. We live in a very old house and it was very important to us to keep the integrity of our home, with its rich mouldings and quirky nooks and crannies, at the same time, making the space more vibrant and welcoming."

A truly gifted designer

"Do you think picking the right tone and shade of paint, the right size and texture of tiles, the right fabric, the perfect piece of furniture is easy?  It is not, and we have lived with my not-quite-right choices in the past.  Gail Gillis is a truly gifted designer, with a wonderful eye for what will work with your space, budget and style. She listens carefully to your wishes and desires but helps steer you in the right direction.  She is worth every penny and moment you invest with her."

Perfect space

"We love our basement renovations.  Gail designed the fireplace mantel and bookcases, the neat space of cupboards beneath the stairs (great for our child's many toys!), and helped me pick the right colours, lighting, fixtures, finishes and furniture throughout - it is a truly perfect space for us."

The best decision

"We began our relationship with Ménage Interiors about two years ago when we purchased a new-build home. They had previously worked with our friends renovating the main floor of their house and we very much liked the work that they had done. Our builder was offering many, many choices along with numerous price points for hardwood and carpets, kitchen cabinets, tiles and ceramics, plumbing, kitchen fixtures, and paint colours. Gail and Paulette helped us work through all these decisions. We were absolutely certain that we had made the best decision when we hired Ménage.  We avoided hours of work, arguments, second guessing and costly mistakes."

Keen sense of style

"Ménage Interiors provided valuable assistance and guidance to us in decorating our home. The colours flow beautifully throughout and Ménage helped us to select new furniture, fabrics for reupholstering existing furniture, as well as drapes and area carpets. We also used their keen sense of style and décor in positioning wall hangings and paintings throughout the house."

To our delight

"It all started when we decided it was time to get rid of our old wall-to-wall carpet. Finally, we would get beautiful hardwood floors. And why not install that gas fireplace we dreamed of all these years for the living room and change that old furniture in the dining and living rooms while we’re at it! We knew we needed help. We decided to call Ménage Interiors at the recommendation of a colleague from work. To our delight, we met two friendly and very competent professionals who were up to the challenge. Now, our dining room and living, as well as our master bedroom and bathroom, have the marks of the exquisite touch of Ménage. Next, the kitchen…"


"My experience with Ménage Interiors has been exemplary. The service was professional, pleasant and prompt and the comments from friends on the changes in my house have been superb. Thanks so much for making our living space so lovely!"

Entirely the best

"Renovating and redecorating a home can be a stressful experience. My experience with Ménage Interiors was entirely the best. Good communication and clear vision made the planning straightforward -- solid management and skilled workers made the execution faultless. I've taken my heritage home and adapted it with Gail’s help to fit us for years to come ... and when it's time to revisit my decor, I won't hesitate to call Gail."